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Attractions in and around Mohács

We have collected some sights and attractions in and around Mohács to give you some inspiration for your trip and discover new places while you relax.

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Visitors will also get an insight into the activities of local craftspeople in the four display areas of the Buso Yard. A restaurant and café complete the services.

Votive Memorial Church

In the church, according to the old folklore, a statue of the Madonna, the so-called Madonna of Mohács, from the 16th century, is kept.

Danube Safari

A boat trip on the Danube for families, groups of friends up to 10 people, but also for corporate team building events is a special and memorable experience.

Dorottya Museum in Kanizsai

In addition to the unique collection of hundreds of pieces of glazed and black ceramics, the costumes, furniture, utensils and relics of the history of the city of Mohács provide an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Mohács National Monument

The park is the final resting place of 1,700 soldiers. Among the mass graves, visitors can admire the carved wooden statues of famous historical figures such as King Louis II, Sultan Suleiman, Pál Tomori, Dorottya Kanizsai and many more anonymous braves.

St Nicholas Watermill

Of the 24 mills that once existed on the Csele stream, the 14th-century-rooted St Nicholas water mill is the only one that is still intact, operational and open to visitors. The monument is unique in that it has an enclosed wheelhouse and its stream flows inside. The special feature of the mill is a man-made treadmill machine, unique in the world.

Sokac House - Šokačka kuća

In the new country house, you will be able to see and try out a range of folk art activities. Visitors and tourists will be able to get acquainted in an interactive way with the Sokac folk dance and folk music culture, gastronomy, costume making and other folk crafts and customs.