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7700 Mohács, Szabadság u. 9.


About us

Our pension is located in the heart of Mohács, in the pedestrian street, 200-200 m from the main square and the Danube bank, which provides perfect tranquility and comfort for everyone and a family friendly atmosphere for a relaxing day.

All our rooms are located on the first floor and are fully equipped to meet all your needs. Bathrooms, toilets, WIFI and cable TV are provided for your comfort.

Our brief history

In the last third of the 1700s, on the western edge of the then Mohács, next to the road through the Danube, the Pécs Bishopric decided to build a wine-press. The vaulted stone-walled building had a restaurant on the ground floor and the bishop's wine cellar.

Construction of the floor

The friends of Pécs who supervised the wine-tasting, after counting the traffic, found it difficult to make the journey home, so they persuaded the bishop to build a floor on the house, and here they had rest rooms made for them.

So far the legend...

Later, the settlement was taken out of the jurisdiction of the bishopric, the town grew, and the old house - on the ground floor a shop was built, and on the first floor apartments - found itself modestly, a little old, among new, ornate town houses.

Then the wheel of time turned one...

Recently, our family bought the building, which had fallen into a state of disrepair; we have recalled the past and, with a complete renovation of the building, we have created the Centrum Pension and Café for you, with a lot of work, energy and even more love.

We would like, and we will do our best to ensure that the guests of the house can spend a few beautiful days in our city, Mohács, in a family atmosphere and in the greatest possible comfort.

Bali Dalma